Evangelizing Through Media - Marketing for churches

“The final words of Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19).

Improving church communication is a powerful way to put the great commission to action”

Meet the people where they are. Our Savior Jesus was very effective in going to where those were to deliver his message. From visiting the synagogues and addressing the congregants, to meeting the woman by the well where although after hours, it was an opportunity for her as an individual to encounter God Himself one-on-one. Our Father has given us this technology to continue His work in doing just that. In turn, we don’t look at media (your websites, videos and print material) as advertising. Instead, each are effective tools to meet your congregation and the rest of the world where they are.

We believe that the Message God has called us to deliver is effective in changing lives well after the church building is closed. Archived sermon messages enable access so that people could sit and study what God brought to the congregation during the week or the late-night visitor that is hungry to know God and is looking for an encounter. Periodic newsletters of encouragement and calls to action in experiencing God’s life-altering power as a group in your congregation. The tools that are available as media prove effective in driving the Message to which God has charged you to deliver. We maintain that not recognizing the power of media in ministry would be unwise because although weekends and mid-week services are a prime time avenue to communicate your message, media empowers your church to expand the reach to people consistently throughout the rest of the week.