The Importance of a Business Website

The Importance of a Business Website 

Years ago websites were a nice-to-have, but now are a must-have for business and organizations. If you want to know why ask yourself when was the last time you’ve even seen a phone book? Audiences today find a product or service in three ways: they ask a friend, they search online, they walk in. Websites offer an easy way for an audience to find your business, to read about your products and services, to contact you and to read reviews from others that have experience with your company. Here are some solid benefits having a website for your business or organization. 

Audiences increasingly go online to find information about businesses in their area

85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses and organizations and over 50% of those searches are performed within 5 miles of the business they choose via mobile devices. The internet has become the versatile tool for audiences when in search for a product or service. 72% of those surveyed use the online reviews to make a spending or commitment decision and entrusted them as much as a personal recommendation. With that said, websites are a vital part of a businesses life line. This is true especially when desktop versions of website are optimized for mobile devices (responsive sites). 

Websites create another sales/awareness tool

As technology increases so does the tendency of audiences to research online before committing. Having a website empowers your audience with important details about your product or service, creating a distinction between others. Website create credibility and an avenue for your audience to interact with you beyond any confines of a physical location. 67% of shoppers were more likely to buy from a website that was also compatible with their mobile device. It in effect develops as a sales or awareness tool to sell your product or deliver your service anywhere and anytime. 

Communication between you and your audience increases

With a website, your organization or business can now build strong engagement points with your audience. You can establish newsletters, email list for particular products or services, request feedback or communicate updates in your service lines. When audiences feel reassured they can reach you, they are more apt to engage in further business with your organization or business. Keeping your website informative, offering personalized emails and a frequently asked questions section dramatically increases your audience conversion rate from 1-3% to 7-9% and since 65% of correspondence is opened and read on a mobile device, your audience will be more likely to engage with your faster. 

It is clear that technology continue to integrate into our everyday lives. If a business or organization seeks to increase its reach beyond its current circles of influence, a professionally designed website that offers responsive design is a must-have in today’s world.