What growth looked like for Far & Co

When We first started our company,  our vision was to bring the level of expertise and quality of large advertising and broadcast companies to small business and organizations had a desire for excellence, but didn't have access to designers of that caliber. So in June of 2014 we opened our doors as "Red Creative Media" and began with a couple of clients. We felt good about our service and the clients were surprised at how smoothly the process was working with us versus finding a freelancer. As word got out, those same clients kept returning and they brought others with them, then it began to grow faster than we had imagined. It was in early 2016 that we decided to change our name to "Far & Co" and expand our organization to have the same impactful designs, clear communication and reliable timelines for every client we served. We were blessed to have the challenge to grow!

Why we felt to develop further:

Our name grows with us...

We changed because as we grew, the company became more than just about its founders. It became about the people we work with and share our values of impactful design, clear communication and reliable timelines on a daily basis. Although in 2014 we started with the original two founders, the company is now grown with talented artists, designer and developers. Therefore, we are excited to be named "Far & Co".


Our values and vision stay the same...

Far & Co is a Branding design agency that delivers brand design through design, web and video for our clients.  We will always commit to our values of: impactful designs, clear communication and reliable timelines.


Our services expanded and even more streamlined...

Video - Yes, from broadcast-ready commercials to online videos, Far & Co offers full production services. Visit our website to learn more.

Multi-Project - From our roots we've purposed to help organizations and small businesses concentrate on building their visions and leaving making them known to us throughout the years to come.

Printing Services - Besides the project management and design services, you can now leave the logistics of having the tangible printed materials to us as we send it right to your door.

Payment Plans - Three ways to pay: Straight pay, Installment plan or Smart plan for Multi-projects


If you have any questions, contact us! We would love to hear from you!

Our new name: Far & Co

Our new website: farandcompany.com

Our company number: 347-403-9407

Our new email addresses: info@farandcompany.com